Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a Pinterest addict. But really, What’s wrong with that? There is so much cool stuff on there! I mean you can find recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, wedding stuff (yeah, I look at that. I’m an ENFP, what can you expect from a dreamer? d: ) and one of my favorites, a LOT of photography inspiration! Oh and a lot of nerdy stuff d: So there are my feelings about Pinterest. “Why?” you may ask, Well.. I felt like writing SOMETHING and it just feels good writing about something I like (: So I’ll end this rant, I know if you’re still reading you’re probably dying a slow and painful death. Ta ta for now!

P.S. I also have an addiction to converse sneakers xD

The Duck Pond Park

Thursday we went to Mary Jo Peckham park, its a beautiful park with a nice big pond and lots and lots of ducks! A little warning: this post contains many pictures of adorable ducklings, you might find it difficult to peel yourself away ;)

This was the best picture I could get of duck feet, They don’t let me get very close so getting pictures of their cute little feet isn’t the easiest thing in the world :P

This is one of my favorite shots from the evening. I just love the little duckling following its mother :)

Another duckling

Yeah.. Another one, he just finished dunking his head under the water. Getting tired of their cuteness yet?

Now this little guy, I feel in love with, I actually caught him and got to hold him :D

Rachel held the little guy for a few minutes before I let him go, He was quite cuddly once I got him to calm down :)

The pond was beautiful at this time of day.

Rachel and I did photo shoot while we were at the park, I’m quite please with how some of the pictures turned out :)

She was too tall for the monkey bars so she sat on top of them, It was a cute picture I think :)

I don’t think its really possible to do a photo shoot on a playground without getting on the slide..

Kids go to the park and color on the sidewalk. I just had to get shots of the remaining chalk. It just seems to have so much character and some sort of story behind it :)

We stopped by Chick-fil-a on the way home for drinks and I have no clue why but I had the sudden urge to snap a picture of the cross walk and sign…

Parks just seem to be one of the best places to go when you’re in the mood to get a lot of pictures! I was in quite the picture taking mood that night, But that’s a bit obvious. :P


Summer, while it may be hot, is such a beautiful time of year and I know I tend to take it for granted. So as a reminder of all the wonderful things in the summer here are a few of my favorite things.



Beautiful blue skies

Gorgeous sunsets

Adventures with friends

and of course, rain drops on roses

What are some of your favorite things about summer?

I’ve Joined The Blogging World!


For quite sometime I’ve had family trying to coax me into the blogging world and all I’ve done is dig my heels in. ¬†Well its seems the desire for a blog came about naturally and now as you can see I’m joining in on the fun! This is going to be somewhat of an adventure for me since I’m not much of a writer currently. However I hope to change this and become quite the little busy writer :)

Here’s a little bit about where I’m from and my family: I have four sisters, Lindsay (27) She’s married to Ryan, and they have two adorable little boys. Then there’s Sarah (24) Hannah (19) Rachel (17) and I’m the youngest (16). I was born in Louisiana and shortly before my second birthday we moved to Prattville, Alabama. We lived there for nine months, then moved to Zachary, Louisiana and lived there until I was six. Soon after turning six we moved to Texas and have been here ever since.

Being new to blogging I shan’t write a tremendously long post, If you want to read up on me a bit more jump on over to my about me. As Tigger would say, “Ta ta for now!”