About Caroline

First of all I’m 19, and a filthy sinner saved by the Lord’s grace.
My hope is to grow in him more each day and to bless the people around
me, and the ones that I meet.

I’m the youngest of five girls. I have two wonderful parents who I have to thank for pretty much everything I know today. I have three sisters. Sarah is is deaf, has cerebral palsy, and autism and I love her to death. Then there’s Hannah, who battles with Lyme disease and vestibular hyperacusis disorder. And then there is last but certainly not least, Rachel, who also suffers from Lyme disease.

Considering this is an about me, I guess I’ll tell you some things about me. My two sisters, mom, and I have chronic Lyme disease. I’m an ENFP, a Louisiana girl through and through, a photographer, a writer and aspiring author, and I do anything else that catches my fancy. Things that make me happy include: Rain, friends and family, cupcakes, notebooks/journals, pens, hats, forests, Doctor Who, Fairy-tales, music, books, surprises, daydreaming, Arthurian legend, the 20’s through 40’s, masquerade balls, and inspiring people. I live in a delusion that people who are not openly feel-y are adorable, and therefore my pets. You have been warned.

So there’s a little look into me. I hope you enjoyed reading! Please comment or write, don’t be shy! I adore making new friends!