Books, Doctor Who, And Pictures!

I said I was going to try and post at least once a week, I’m doing a photography post because I don’t feel up to writing at the moment. This week hasn’t been one of my best health wise and I haven’t been up to doing much, prayers would be appreciated!
I have been doing a lot of reading with my down time though, I read “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield. I loved it in a way I cannot explain. It has me guessing the story the entire time, and just when I thought I had it figured out she threw the truth at me and I had to read that little part of the page at least five times before it sunk in. It’s the first book I’ve read in a long time that has surprised me like that, it has taken a very special place in my heart. (: I also finished “The Hobbit” (I’ve been reading it for quite some time now.) the other day, and well, you have to read the book before the movies finish coming out. I cried, but that’s nothing too big. I get into stories very easily, whether it be book, movie, or TV show. If I love the characters I’m going to cry when they’re too happy, if they’re too sad, if someone they care about dies, if some side character I love dies. I’m a crier, which can be a difficult thing when your sisters read the exact same book and proclaim to care about everyone as much as you do and yet they don’t shed a single tear. Although pretty much everyone cried over “Angels Take Manhattan”. As Matt Smith said “You’d have to be a heartless alien if you didn’t watch without getting a lump in your throat.” On that topic I think I’m going to explode when the 50th anniversary episode airs, not to mention the Christmas special which will be Matt’s last episode. Another situation in which I am going to cry, there is no doubt in my mind about that. Anyway, now that you’ve read my little ramble here are some pictures I’ve taken recently!

 photo IMG_7615_zpsfcceed9d.jpg

These next two are taken with my camera up against the window of the post office in old Katy. If you don’t know what old Katy is, it’s a historic part of Katy(the city I live in.), they have all sorts of old buildings and landmarks, it’s one of my favorite places to go. (:

 photo TheKatyPostOffice_zpsb064dfa6.jpg

 photo mailboxesoldkaty_zps0e086edb.jpg

 photo FlowerFromOffice_zps4edaf403.jpg

 photo FlowerFun_zpsaba9309d.jpg

 photo pinkhibiscus_zps9939a79b.jpg

 photo IMG_6607_zps5f277135.jpg

 photo Lightbulb_zps4ba39cd9.jpg

My beautiful mother. :)

 photo Mama_zpse3e71306.jpg

 photo Shadowsonfence_zps302d15a2.jpg

 photo strawberries_zps23872870.jpg

 photo TreeandBench_zpsba79523f.jpg

 photo trees2129_zps68ec90db.jpg

The Ambassador Bluebird

Well, long time no see! I’ve neglected the blogging world for quite some time. I’m hoping to change this by posting like a normal person, you know, more than one post every few months. I’m terrible at following through on projects, but I think I can make it work! I’ve even thought about doing a vlog every once in a while. Somehow when I blank on writing I can find many things to speak about, its an odd thing, my brain, but if it works it works…. Right?

You may be confused by my choice of title for this post, so allow me to explain. I wanted to revamp my blog, and in doing so I wanted a new header. Well, its obvious to everyone that my little blog’s name is “Three Little Bluebirds”. The question I was asked by my mother and Hannah, and I, in fact, posed to Rachel, who designed the header, was this, “Why is there only one bluebird?” I have a feeling we aren’t the only ones asking this question. I shall give you the answer Rachel gave me, which on much thought and consideration (which is all of about 10 seconds for me on such matters.) made quite a lot of sense, therefore here is the answer. The little bluebird you see that is holding a little umbrella is in fact, the ambassador bluebird. He represents all of the others, or perhaps the president, maybe a king or queen if you wish. As we all know, these are high positions, people that represent the peoples of a country, that way all of the citizens of these places do not have to attend a number of events and meetings, which would get very tiring, and it is for the people in those positions. That being said, that little bluebird you see, is my ambassador, he represents my little bluebirds so that they can fly, and do whatever it is little bluebirds do.

We have that established now, right? If not ask a question. If you still don’t understand past that, I’d say just give up, you probably have more important things in your life to deal with than my bluebird government. However, if I were you, I’d keep a close eye out. Before too long my little bluebird minions could be running the world. They’re sly, and very very clever birds. Ever heard the saying “A little birdie told me.”? Yeah, that’s talking about my little guys. Gru has little yellow guys, Elphaba (AKA the wicked witch of the west) had flying monkeys, Rapunzel had a whole lot of ruffians, and, well, I think you get the point. Minions can do damage, and mine are everywhere.

Alright, I think I’ve filled my odd post quota for the day. I’ll leave you to get on with your life, assuming you didn’t stop reading after the first few sentences of the second paragraph where it got weird.

Fun Fact: In those middle two paragraphs alone I used the word “Little” 11 times. That one there makes a total of twelve times in this entire post.