I’ve Joined The Blogging World!


For quite sometime I’ve had family trying to coax me into the blogging world and all I’ve done is dig my heels in. ¬†Well its seems the desire for a blog came about naturally and now as you can see I’m joining in on the fun! This is going to be somewhat of an adventure for me since I’m not much of a writer currently. However I hope to change this and become quite the little busy writer :)

Here’s a little bit about where I’m from and my family: I have four sisters, Lindsay (27) She’s married to Ryan, and they have two adorable little boys. Then there’s Sarah (24) Hannah (19) Rachel (17) and I’m the youngest (16). I was born in Louisiana and shortly before my second birthday we moved to Prattville, Alabama. We lived there for nine months, then moved to Zachary, Louisiana and lived there until I was six. Soon after turning six we moved to Texas and have been here ever since.

Being new to blogging I shan’t write a tremendously long post, If you want to read up on me a bit more jump on over to my about me. As Tigger would say, “Ta ta for now!”